Integrating Renewable Energy

As the contribution of renewable technologies to Australia’s energy supply mix continues to grow, AEMO will undertake further studies designed to investigate how the integration of such technologies is likely to affect National Electricity Market (NEM) operation.


Renewable Energy Integration in South Australia - Joint AEMO & Electranet Report

This joint study investigates the impact of non-synchronous wind and PV generation on the SA power network and analyses:

  • Operation of the SA power system with low levels of thermal synchronous generation online.
  • Power system frequency control in SA, particularly under conditions when the SA power system is or could become separated from the NEM.

It concludes that the SA power system can operate securely and reliably with a high percentage of wind and PV generation, including in situations where wind generation comprises more than 100% of SA demand, as long as one of the following two key factors apply:

a) The Heywood Interconnector linking SA and Victoria is operational.
b)  Sufficient synchronous generation is connected and operating on the SA power system.

The report explores a number or short and long term recommendations to mitigate the possibility of the above mentioned scenario occurring. 

Renewable Energy Integration in South Australia - Joint AEMO & Electranet Report
17 October 2014 | filesize: 1.04 MB (.pdf)

Wind Integration Studies Report

Previous work by AEMO on the large-scale integration of wind generation recommended an assessment of the challenges presented by the particular technical and operational characteristics of the NEM. This document is the second of two publications that report on AEMO’s assessment of some of these challenges.

The first report, on Wind Turbine Plant Capabilities, was published in June 2013, and provided information and assumptions about future wind generation performance. This second report is focused on the operational challenges presented by high levels of wind generation in the NEM.

Wind Integration Studies Report
3 Sep 2013 | 2.3 MB (.pdf) 

Wind Turbine Plant Capabilities Report

The Wind Turbine Plant Capabilities Report is a technical information paper on wind turbine plant capability.

This report is the first of two planned reports investigating the potential network and operational impacts resulting from the projected increase in NEM-connected wind generation to 2020. AEMO will be using this report as the basis of assumptions required in subsequent reports, and as a basis for further collaboration with our stakeholders to maintain the quality and value of this work.

Wind Turbine Plant Capabilities Report
3 June 2013 | 573 kb (.pdf) 

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