National Transmission Network Development Plan 2011 Overview

The National Transmission Network Development Plan (NTNDP) aims to provide the energy industry with a comprehensive information source to enable dialogue and support the development of nationally efficient transmission planning.

The 2011 NTNDP provides an independent strategic plan for the National Electricity Market transmission network.

Building upon the conclusions from the 2010 NTNDP, the 2011 NTNDP explores the benefits of a strong national transmission backbone (referred to as NEMLink), as well as examining the integration of large amounts of renewable energy and the role of gas powered generation as Australia moves towards a low carbon future.

The 2011 NTNDP report also looks at the introduction of new technologies that will impact on demand, while also providing information about generation and interconnector development for a range of sensitivities to a series of scenarios developed for the 2010 NTNDP.

The site is divided into several sections. The main document can be downloaded in its entirety as a PDF or can be viewed on a chapter by chapter basis.

The figures, tables and data from each chapter can also be downloaded separately as well as the Glossary (PDF) and a list of Measures and Abbreviations (PDF).