Network Connections

Welcome to AEMO's portal for new network connections and alterations to connected generating systems

AEMO defines network connections as connections to the electricity networks that support the NEM (National Electricity Market).

This portal provides information on new connections of generating systems to transmission and distribution networks, and alterations to generating systems.

Network connections also encompass:

  • the connection of electricity loads to transmission and distribution networks;
  • the connection of a distribution network to a transmission network; and
  • the connection of two transmission networks that are owned by different TNSPs (transmission network service providers) – these connections are called inter-network connections.

For enquiries regarding any of these connections, please contact AEMO.

The connection process varies by:

  • location;
  • type of connection applicant (i.e. generator, distributor or directly connected customer);
  • connection voltage (i.e. connection to a transmission or distribution line); and
  • whether the connection is new or being altered.

For assistance in identifying the applicable connection process, please contact AEMO.

AEMO’s Role in Generator Connections

For generator transmission connections (i.e. typically greater than 30 MW in capacity) in Victoria, AEMO is involved in all stages of the connection process, from pre-feasibility to completion.

For generator transmission connections in the NEM outside Victoria, the connecting TNSP manages the connection process and is the main point of contact for the connection applicant. For generator distribution connections in the NEM (i.e. embedded generation and typically connections less than 30 MW in capacity), the connecting DNSP (distribution network service provider) manages the connection process and is the main point of contact for the connection applicant. For these connections, AEMO is involved in the following stages of the process:

  • negotiation of performance standards termed ‘AEMO advisory matters’;
  • assessment of proposed performance standards;
  • Registration; and
  • commissioning and post-commissioning activities.

For distribution connections with a capacity of less than 5 MW anywhere in the NEM, connection applicants will not be required to go through the connection process prescribed in Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Rules (Rules), but may have obligations placed on them by their connecting DNSP. For distribution connections between 5 MW and 30 MW in capacity, applicants will be required to go through the prescribed connection process; however, data and modelling requirements may be reduced.

The extent to which stages of the new connections process apply to alterations to connected generating systems, as well as AEMO’s involvement, depend on the nature of the alterations. Clause 5.3.9 of the Rules provides further guidance.

New generator connections to the Victorian transmission system, in particular the 220kV lines between BATS -WBTS-HOTS and HOTS-RCTS

Please note the Q and A that has been developed to provide further information on the potential overloading of transmission lines in this area.

Network Connection Processes

Generators in Victoria

Generators in the NEM (outside Victoria)


Select the relevant network connection in four steps: