Stakeholder Engagement

AEMO has committed to ensure that all stakeholders have the ability to engage and participate in the ongoing operation, development and planning of the Australian energy markets. AEMO strives to bring stakeholders together to hear all view-points in order to move the energy market forward.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Developed in 2010, AEMO has a strategy which outlines our approach to stakeholder engagement. It is an important part of AEMO’s Strategic Plan and is linked directly to our Vision, Mission, and Values. This strategy sets out our approach to more effectively engage with our stakeholders.

The main initiatives of the strategy include establishing principles that set out our approach to consultation embodied in a public consultation charter.  AEMO hosts three executive leadership forums in the electricity and gas industries, which provide over-arching strategic guidance on the direction of the energy market. 

AEMO Energy Update

AEMO releases regular stakeholder newsletters to keep industry up to date with what’s been happening over the month.

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Leadership Forum

These forums comprise executive-level representatives from industry, AEMO‘s CEO and relevant members of the executive leadership team. Although the electricity and gas leadership forums are sector-specific, both groups also consider matters of energy market convergence.

If you have any questions please contact the Executive General Manager Corporate Development, David Swift on (08) 8201 7371

Through the free provision and dissemination of information, market data and facilitation of programs, committees and other forums, AEMO creates the opportunity for participants to provide feedback and discuss energy market improvements and issues.

Our industry consultations are used to discuss and inform stakeholders of upcoming consultations to gain stakeholder feedback about opportunities, identify issues and discuss the energy market performance.


AEMO conducts regular consultations seeking feedback from market participants, the broader industry and other interested parties.

Working Groups, Committees and Forums

AEMO has established a number of working groups comprising of participants across the energy industry to regularly meet with and discuss issues or share information as needed to keep moving the energy industry foreword. Some working groups are convened for special purposes or projects, others are ongoing.

For your interest, here is the list of all working groups AEMO currently holds in both the gas and electricity industries.

AEMO Stakeholder Survey Report

A survey of AEMO stakeholders was conducted between November and December 2009. The survey aimed to inform the development of AEMO’s strategic plan and enable a range of performance benchmarks to be established. You can read the survey results here.


For more information please contact AEMO's Information Centre and Support Hub.