Membership of AEMO is split respectively between government and industry on a 60 percent and 40 percent basis.

AEMO members play an influential role in helping AEMO to build the vital connections and partnerships that are critical to the growth of Australia’s energy sector.

Government and industry are invited to apply for membership in accordance with the AEMO Constitution, and are encouraged to review the application criteria and associated information.

AEMO Constitution 
17 June 2016 | filesize: 2 MB (.pdf)
AEMO Industry Members
18 January 2016 | filesize: 93 KB (.pdf)
AEMO Government Members
29 March 2016 | 141 KB (.pdf)                                     

Application Forms

These guidance notes are for the purposes of assisting a person to apply for membership in Australian Energy Market Operator Limited (AEMO). AEMO has two classes of members: government members and industry members. Specific eligibility criteria and separate application forms apply for each class of members.

Please review the membership eligibility criteria for the class of membership that you wish to apply for as described in item 2 below prior to submitting an application for membership in AEMO. Please see the documentation below.

AEMO Application for Industry Membership
11 Aug 2015 | filesize: 117 KB (.docx)
AEMO Application for Government Membership
30 Sep 2009 | filesize: 116 KB (.docx)
AEMO Membership Application Guidance Notes
06 May 2014 | filesize: 22.4 KB (.pdf)

Annual General Meeting


AEMO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Members’ Briefing was hosted across several sites on Thursday, 7 November via video conference for the convenience of AEMO members across all regions

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